Select and Pay for the right Lighted Makeup Mirror

A woman who is usually serious about beauty has the best lighted makeup mirror. This is a special kind of mirror that illuminates your beautiful face with a mellow glow. It is better than the ordinary mirror and bulb light. Another point to note is that a lighted cosmetic mirror is lightweight and easy to carry. You can put it in your travel bag when going on a trip.  As well, some of the best makeup mirrors add to the beauty of the bathroom or other rooms. When you finally get yours, you will notice all the changes. To pick the best item, consider the following.

Makeup mirror design

One thing you will find out is that make-up mirrors have different shapes. Besides beauty, you have to ensure that the design entails a sturdy and durable frame. In addition, the mirror should have adequate length and width. This will keep you from bending over to watch your face in the mirror. A 9.5 inches wide makeup mirror is a nice pick. Any cosmetic mirror that boasts a 360-degree swivel rotation has a good design. You will be able to rotate it to view your face from any angle you consider best.

Not all brands are good

As you begin your search, you will stumble upon different product reviews. When you read them, you will discover that some makeup mirror brands are unreliable. Top cosmetic mirror producers have excellent products that use LED, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. This enables you to choose the sort of products you want. If you want to locate adorable makeup mirrors, look among Ovante, Rucci, Sunter, Ottlite and Jardon collections.

Power source

It is so important to buy a modern cosmetic mirror design. All the same, if your budget is small, you can select a mirror that uses incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. LED lighted mirrors are more modern and stylish. Whichever kind you choose, be sure to select an item that uses rechargeable batteries. These are cordless mirrors that will not clutter your personal grooming area. Even so, there are some mirror designs that offer a dual-voltage method. So you get a Universal 2-port USB adapter and some 4 AA batteries.

Strength of magnification

When you go shopping, focus on a makeup mirror that could magnify your face well. You can tell if it could by reading other customer’s comments. A mirror that casts shadows on edges is a turn off. Also, a cosmetic mirror that does not highlight all areas of your face is not worth it.  The sort of product you require is the one that captures your facial image and enlarges it for clear viewing. Additionally, it should highlight even the tiniest blemishes so you can hide them. The product’s level of magnification should be 5X, at least. Since most mirrors offer a big magnification range, find out if the other features are good.

Final word

If you are keen when choosing, some lighted makeup mirrors have two sizes. This ensures that the customers pick the size they can afford. Some items have two colors as well. 

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